13 fun outdoor exercises

canoeing outdoor exerciseSummer is coming and I can’t wait to get outside. I am looking forward to sunshine and warm weather. I have also developed an intense dislike for my treadmill over the winter months.

So, I’ve been searching for some fun ways to exercise outside. If you’re tired of going to the gym, getting on the treadmill in your basement, or doing exercise DVDs on your TV, then it’s time to step outdoors for some fun and effective workouts.

Here are 13 fun ways to burn calories and enjoy the great outdoors:

Hit the trails or go hiking in the woods. If you can add hilly terrain, that’s even better. You can create a more difficult workout by sprinting up inclines.

Stair climbing
Find your local football stadium or another set of stairs in your neighborhood, and walk or run up and down the steps. This can replace the treadmill incline or StairMaster machine. It gives you a grueling workout and strengthens your legs, glutes and abs.

You can pedal the pounds off on your bicycle. Push yourself to set a strong pace and power up the hills. You can tighten and tone your legs, hips and butt as well as get your heart rate going.

Find a friend and hit the tennis court. You can burn calories and work your arms, shoulders and back along with your leg muscles. Or, set up a net in the yard and play badminton with your family. It will give you a workout and probably be good for some laughs, too.

Get in a row boat and paddle around the lake. You may have a rowing club in your area that offers lessons. Or, go on a canoeing excursion over the weekend. A rowing machine is a good workout, but there is no substitute for the real thing!

You can swim in your backyard pool, at a community center or in a nearby body of water. Swimming is great cardio exercise and will strengthen your back muscles. You can do water aerobics to help you tone up overall. Or, play tag or hit a beach ball around with your kids. You’ll get a workout and have a little fun.

Beach volleyball
Burn fat and soak up some sunshine at the same time. Please remember to wear your sunscreen, though. I play sand volleyball at my local park (there’s no beach near me, unfortunately) in the summer, and I can tell you that it works muscles I didn’t know I had!

Play a round or two of golf. However skip the golf cart and carry your own clubs. You can tone your arms, shoulders, back and abs. Plus, you can walk briskly between holes and enjoy nature.

Get out your roller skates, or grab a pair of roller blades and let it roll. You can do laps around the park, or get more serious and put together a game of street hockey. You’ll get an aerobic workout while toning your abs, thighs, glutes and more.

Join a summer softball league, set up a regular game with friends, or get out and play ball with your kids. You’ll work your whole body and have a great time.

If your dog will fetch (mine won’t), then play frisbee. Or, grab a few friends and head for the park. You can even play in your yard. Tossing a frisbee back and forth will work your arms, chest, shoulders and abs. And if your partner doesn’t have great aim, you’ll work your legs, too.

Bending, squatting and twisting to plant flowers and pull weeds will tighten your core and tone your thighs and butt.

Just get out and walk. Walk with friends. Walk the dog. Take in the scenery and smell a few flowers.

So, get outside, get moving and get your blood pumping! What types of outdoor workouts do you enjoy? Do you have fun ways to exercise in the summer?


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