7 ways to thank mom this Mother’s Day

Gifts to thank Mom on Mothers DayAs a mom, I personally think that mothers should be appreciated every day of the year. However, Mother’s Day is a special day when you can show your mom, someone you consider your mom, your grandma, or the mother of your kids how much she means to you.

Mom kisses your boo-boos and yells at you when you misbehave. When she uses the middle name, you know you’re in trouble. When you get all three names – first, middle and last – your stomach plummets and you think about running away from home.

With eyes in the back of her head, mom knows all and sees all. I used to think that I got away with all sorts of things when I was young. Now that I have kids, I know that my mom probably knew what I was up to and let most of it slide.

Mom can do it all. She’s there for you through thick and thin. There are many reasons we should be grateful for moms:

  • Without our mom, we wouldn’t be here right now.
  • Mothers are the backbone of most families and keep everything running smoothly.
  • Moms work hard and make sacrifices so their kids can have the best life.
  • Mom taught us how to be a good person and treat others as we would want to be treated.
  • Mom loves us no matter what and will forgive us of anything.

To thank mom for everything she does, give her something as unique and special as her this Mother’s Day. Here are 7 ways to thank your mom with a personalized gift:

Plant her a flower, shrub or tree
For Mother’s Day one year, I went to the woods by our house and dug up a tree for my mom. I planted it the yard where an older tree had died. It was about a foot tall and rather sickly looking when I brought it home, and now it’s lush and over 30 feet tall. My mom still tells the story about me dragging that scraggly tree home.

You may prefer to visit a nursery and purchase a tree, shrub, bush or flowering plant. Take it to Mom’s house and plant it for her on Mother’s Day. Or, get her a potted plant if she doesn’t have a yard. I living plant will last for years and serve as a reminder to Mom that you love her.

Buy her your favorite childhood book
I was fascinated by the book “Where The Wild Things Are” when I was a kid. Give your mom a copy of your favorite book. It will remind her of reading it to you when you were young. Write a thank you note inside to let her know how much you appreciate her.

Plan a movie night
Take mom out to see a movie you know she will like, or let her pick the movie. You can even make a night of it and take her out to dinner. Mom will enjoy the time spent together. Or, rent her favorite DVD and cook for your mom. If you’re not much on cooking, bring over takeout. The idea is to let mom relax and for you to take care of her for a little while.

Create family memorabilia
Pick out some of your mom’s favorite pictures of you – you can also include your siblings – and make a keepsake for her. You can have a photo mug made. Frame up a few of the pictures and give them to her. Or, have them made into magnets she can put on the refrigerator. She can think of you every time she opens the fridge.

Make her a playlist
Burn a CD of your mom’s favorite music. Or, if your mom is technically challenged, you can get her an MP3 player and load it with music she’ll like. It’s a great way to show mom that you care about her and her interests.

Frame a quote
Frame a quote or saying that your mom likes or one that she said often when you were a child. She might like the quote, “This too shall pass.” Or maybe she had one of those parent sayings, “Don’t make me stop this car” or “Because I said so!” You can type it up on the computer with a fun font, print it on nice paper and put it in a picture frame. Your mom will think of you every time she sees it.

Do chores for her
As a mom, I would love being pampered for a day. Take care of the household chores for your mom. Clean the house, take care of laundry, clean the gutters – whatever your mom would love to have done for her. If you’re not into manual labor yourself or don’t live nearby, then hire a cleaning service, handyman or landscapers to come in and take care of things for mom.

Get a gift that means something
If you buy her a gift, make sure it means something to her. If she likes to garden, bring her a gardening book or some tools you know she wants. She might like to cook. You can get her a kitchen gadget or utensils that she won’t bother buying for herself.

While we should appreciate our moms every day, Mother’s Day is a special time to give mom extra attention and pampering. Give her a gift that is unique, thoughtful and will have meaning for both of you. Do you have fun and creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day?


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