12 healthy snacks on the go

Healthy snack dried fruit and nutsMy kids are out of school, softball and baseball games have started, and summer is on its way. I find myself running from one activity to another, and we need to find something to eat.

It can be hard to pick up healthy snacks to eat on the go. You may be tempted to grab chips, cookies, candy bars or soda. Prepackaged snacks are often loaded with sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

With a little planning, you can pack nutritious, portable snacks for you or your kids to eat as you rush from place to place.

Here are 12 quick and healthy snacks you can take with you on the go:

Trail mix
You can make your own trail mix by combining nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews) with no-sugar added dried fruit. I also add sunflower seeds when I make it. My kids like to have pretzels in their trail mix. You can also buy prepackaged trail mix, but try to avoid those with candy.

Speaking of pretzels, just take a bag of pretzels with you to snack on while you’re in the car. They have a low mess factor, and they’re easy to eat while you drive. You can also mix pretzels with dry whole-grain cereal to make your own snack mix.

All nuts are about equal in terms of calories per ounce, and in moderation, are all healthy additions to any diet. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. They will help you feel full and suppress your appetite. Go with raw or dry roasted nuts for the most benefits. So, snack on some almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans or Brazil nuts.

Apples and peanut butter
You can take apples with you on the go. I cut mine up in slices and put them in a baggie. If you are going to eat them within a few hours, they still stay fresh. You can buy single servings of peanut butter to easily carry with you. You can even switch it up and have celery or rice cakes with your peanut butter.

Pop a bag of popcorn (without butter or salt) and put it in a plastic baggie to take with you. You can even add other things in with it like pretzels or nuts.

Carrot sticks and Laughing Cow Cheese
If you’re going to eat it within 4 hours, you can take carrots and a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese with you. You get some veggies and a little bit of dairy. If it will be longer than 4 hours, you may want to take an insulated cooler and ice pack.

Whole-grain cereal with sunflower seeds
Put 2 parts cereal and 1 part seeds in a baggie to take with you. You can also store it in your purse, desk drawer or vehicle for several weeks to snack on as needed.

Yogurt and fruit/granola
Grab a cup of Greek yogurt and some fresh fruit or granola to flavor it up a bit. If you aren’t going to eat it fairly quickly, you may want to pack the yogurt in a cooler with an ice pack.

Raw veggies
With a little planning, you can pre-cut vegetables to take with you. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and celery all make great portable vegetables.

Whole fruit
You can easily take apples, oranges, pears, bananas and grapes with you. If you find some of the fruits are easier to eat when they are cut up, put them in a baggie or container to take along with you.

Wheat Thins and string cheese
Wheat Thins give you fiber and whole-grain carbs. String cheese is high in calcium and protein yet lower in fat than most other cheeses. Plus, it comes in a handy package that you can grab in a rush. You can also eat cheese with fruit and raw veggies.

Hard-boiled egg
You can make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time for an easy snack on the go. Hard-boiled eggs contain protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, lutein and other great nutrients.

By taking along a few healthy snacks when you’re on the go, you can stave off hunger and keep your metabolism and energy levels steady all day long. Do you have your own favorite healthy snacks?

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