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7 “Get Healthy” New Year’s Resolutions

new years resolutionIt’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. And that means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. Every year, I say I won’t make any new resolutions, but then I do it anyway.

This year, I am focusing on what I want to become and how I want to “be” in 2013.

Here are 7 healthy, active, fit and proactive things we can “be” this year:

Be Active
Make a plan to be more active this year. Set goals for your exercise plans and get moving. If you are a couch or desk potato, start walking. From combating depression to preventing heart attacks, just adding three 10-minute walks a day can make a difference in your overall health. If you already exercise on a regular basis, challenge yourself. Sign up for a 5K run. Try something new – start hiking, mountain biking or rollerblading. Just get out there and do it!

Be a Healthy Eater
Take a hard look at your eating habits. Do you skip breakfast? Do you work through lunch with plans to eat more for dinner? Make it a point to eat three healthy meals a day. Eating consistent, well-balanced meals helps you maintain your energy throughout the day, have better concentration and have more regular digestion. And, eating several small snacks a day can help you control hunger and lose weight. Keep fresh or dried fruit, raw veggies, nuts (pistachios, cashews or walnuts), natural cheeses, or dark chocolate on hand. Snacking helps keep your metabolism in high gear, especially if the snacks are protein-rich.

Be Financially Fit
For many of us, money worries can be a major source of stress. Sit down and make a plan to get a handle on your finances. Create a budget and resolve to pay down any outstanding debt. You may need to take a hard look at this past year’s purchases and decide what you can cut down on and live without in 2013.

Be Social
Start a new tradition to go out with friends once a month. Have a family night every week. Do something fun. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to nurture your relationships. Our friends and family make our lives more fulfilling. Relax, unwind and make some great memories.

Be Adventurous
Decide to try something new in 2013. It may be as simple as taking a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn about or as bold as making a career change. You can learn a new language, take up photography or go skydiving. The important thing is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Be Giving
Think about giving of yourself in the new year. You can draw upon your own unique talents or skills to help others. You can volunteer to feed the homeless, spend time with nursing home patients who don’t get visitors, clean up the environment, take meals to shut-ins, or read to children. Simply look around your community, and I bet you can quickly make a list of ways to help others. Think about doing more with your church. Or, look for ways to help your friends and family. It’s also a good time to donate clothes you no longer wear and any household items you don’t need.

Be Thankful
It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life and to want things we don’t need or can’t afford. Take time each day to be thankful for what you do have. Every night when I go to bed, I think about all the reasons I am thankful. Even if my kids have fought, whined and bickered all day long, I am so thankful they are mine and that they are healthy. I am thankful for my husband who is my best friend. I am thankful to have friends and family in my life. If I have been stressing over something silly, I can quickly put it into perspective when I focus on the good things.

Now, how do you keep those resolutions?
Be realistic. Choose things you know you can do. Be selective. I would only pick two or three resolutions. If you make too many, you will quickly become overwhelmed and give up on all your resolutions. Be positive! You can do it if you set your mind to it.

Do you typically make New Year’s resolutions? Do you have tips to help keep them? Share your 2013 New Year’s resolutions and advice with us!